What is T’ai Chi? A question often asked but perhaps not fully understood.

The main part of T’ai Chi is a series of gentle movements linked together, called a “Form” characterised by slow flowing circular and natural movement that involves the whole body. The movements tone and gently strengthen the muscles, improve breathing, balance, posture and circulation, which all help to relax both mind and body.

T’ai Chi is a powerful antidote for stress and can help to alleviate a number of medical conditions. T’ai Chi has proved, over and over again to be one of the finest ways of improving your health, that is why millions of people all over the world practice this art.

We can give talks on the History of T’ai Chi, Traditional Chinese Health, Chinese Health Movements and many aspects of these wonderful ancient Arts, we also give a brief history of us the WuShinDo Association and what we do. Although we take what we do very seriously we also have much enjoyment and fun showing and demonstrating these Arts, after all this is also known as Lee Family Style T’ai Chi.

If you would like us to come along to your Group, Community or School, just get in touch, thanks.

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