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Stress Control

Stress Reduction (Techniques and Therapies)

Posted on 01 January 2011 by admin

Stress Control


Aimed at all those who wish to reduce their STRESS Levels, using Chinese Health Therapies to reduce the number of days lost to sickness and to prevent workplace incidents and accidents from the Health and Safety aspect of working practices. To ease the stress of everyday trials and tribulations that affect Health, Family Life, Work and general lifestyle.

Working with Individuals, Companies, Authorities and specific Groups we have consistently shown over many years, a significant decrease in stress related symptoms, thus improving wellbeing.


One to one sessions are available for individuals, following full private consultations and GP authorisation.


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Qi Gong

Qi Gong (Energy Work)

Posted on 01 January 2010 by admin

Qi GongQi Gong involves a series of movements which help to improve breathing, health and fitness in order to strengthen and harmonise the internal Qi of the body to assist your body system to work more efficiently and effectively.
A less obvious aspect of Qi Gong is in preventing illness and promoting mental and physical health.



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Natural Diet and Health

Natural Diet and Health (Health of the Body)

Posted on 21 January 2009 by admin

Natural Diet and HealthThe aim is to show that creating conditions in which each individual will achieve his or hers own individual balance of good health and natural and harmonious physical wellbeing by identifying weakness and strengths and how to satisfy these or adjust them in a natural way.



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K’ai Men (Chinese Yoga)

K’ai Men (Chinese Yoga)

Posted on 01 January 2008 by admin

K’ai Men (Chinese Yoga)In this form of movement, all of the main joints of the body are worked to their full potential to maximise the flexibility and control of the individual.

Working on the structure as well as internal organs of the body, K’ai Men movements work to maximise good health, wellbeing and flow of Chi (internal energy).


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Safety Awareness

Safety Awareness and General Security

Posted on 01 January 2007 by admin

Safety AwarenessThe self awareness we teach is a combination of verbal, mental and basic physical techniques together with a few simple rules allowing you to deal with the most common self defense and awareness situations with the sole intent of keeping you safe.
Also being aware of the environment around you both within a building or outside in open spaces, night or day.

The key to self-defense is not brute force but quick thinking and good decision making. Armed and unarmed combat is the advancement for self-defense. Where you have to deal with a situation on a physical level, again where brute force is not always the victor but choosing the right technique to use when you need it and deals with the aspect of an aggressor threatening you.

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Anmo (Chinese First Aid Massage)

Anmo (Chinese First Aid Massage)

Posted on 01 January 2006 by admin

Anmo (Chinese First Aid Massage)Natural healing side of Acupressure. The natural healing points help to restore a sense of perspective, by detailing a method of self-help rooted in Universal principles of healing, that will do not harm, if certain clearly stated precautions are followed.
It is a method of First Aid that is self-contained and can be employed at home or in the outside environment.


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 T’ai Chi in Retirement

T’ai Chi in Retirement (Active Living)

Posted on 25 January 2005 by admin

 T’ai Chi in Retirement Using some of the techniques involved with T’ai Chi movements, this is aimed at those people who are coming up to retirement or are already retired. By working with local Active Living Groups, we tailor specific movements that can be practiced on a regular basis which are known to improve and help to alleviate common medical conditions.



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