Health, Energy, Flexibility, Breathing & Well being

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Health, Energy, Flexibility, Breathing & Well being


The human body has an amazing ability to keep itself functioning correctly.  But today, more than ever before, our hectic modern lifestyles mean it often needs a helping hand.

This is why we at the WuShinDo Association have developed a unique blend of therapies, exercises and techniques to help people of all ages and fitness levels get the most from their bodies and minds for a healthier, happier, more productive and enjoyable life.


From T’ai Chi to natural first aid, seated exercise to falls prevention, stress relief and much more, the services we provide are based on our experience of over 40 years’ teaching and training people in some of the world’s oldest and most effective health techniques.


And today, we can bring them to wherever you need them – to the office or the care-home, the public health center or the village hall.



A selection of Tai chi videos


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